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How is Shatter made?

Curious about Shatter or how it even came into existence? Hope along. When you want to make Shatter, a solvent is your first ingredient. Any solvent like butane or CO2 has the potency to do the job. To produce Butane Hash Oil (BHO), CO2 Shatter, or Wax, the cannabis is placed in a container. The solvent is poured into the holding container so the cannabinoids can be extracted in their purest form. You should know that the process could be dangerous, so caution should come into play. Before you delve into this, you should have ample knowledge and experience on how chemicals are used and how to handle them. If you are knowledgeable in this area but lack experience, you should have someone with both supervise you.Relying solely on YouTube videos has proved problematic; caution is important. You can buy Shatter online in Canada at Mungus After the extraction is done, it produces a very strong chemical. It has more concentration of THC than the regular cannabis plant does. It's worth noting that the consistency varies widely depending on the circumstances with which it was made. The Shatter extracted can sometimes be oil or a smooth, soft substance called budder. In some cases, it can be a crystalline material called wax majorly though it comes out as Shatter, which is also called dab. The dab is being smoked by dabbing.

Buy Shatter Online in Canada

Weed shatter is a popular cannabis concentrate renowned for its high concentration of THC. Averagely it has a THC level of around 70-90%. However, it’s a commonplace for average to fall on the higher end of the spectrum. 

Shatter is a hard amber substance; in a solid state, it takes a form of a tinted sheet of glass. It is a member of the weed wax family. It goes through extra steps during extraction, which accounts for its appearance. The glass-like appearance is aided by removing fats, lipids, and other similar impurities. 

Shatter stands as one of the purest and most potent forms of cannabis concentrates. Shatter wax is usually used by dabbing using a dab rig. It is very potent, so the effects are usually felt almost immediately after use. 

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Effects of Shatter Weed

One thing is certain about smoking shatter, the plant material being smoked is less than the normal buds. It accounts for the purest and strongest forms of cannabis concentrate available in Canada. 

Quality shatter generates an intense narcotic experience for users. But Indica dominant shatter creates a more relaxing, lethargy, and euphoric body high. Sativa dominant Shatter creates a mood of happiness that gives users a stimulating and uplifting sensation. 

Medical Uses

Patients under medical cannabis prescription use the Shatter to tackle chronic and recurring pains. When Shatter are taken in microdoses, they can be used for treating depression, stress, and anxiety. Some other medical uses include sleep-inducing and promoting hungry, among many others. 

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Negative Effects

One thing that stands out is that concentrating in large doses could seem small and harmless to someone without much knowledge. If you are a newbie to cannabis concentrates, we strictly suggest avoiding using the eyes to gauge your dose. Ensure you start with very small doses. 

Red, dry eyes, and cottonmouth are the usual side effects of Shatter. If you have water beside you, you can navigate through these effects. But sometimes, due to the potency and how individuals respond, paranoia, hallucinations, dizziness, and nausea can also occur if large doses are consumed. 

So when consuming Shatter, moderate and responsible doses are encouraged. Starting with small doses and working your way up to your tolerance level is advised. Remember that the negative effects are mild and wane off with time.

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Best Ways to Handle And Consume Shatter

Shatter has proven to be the most notorious cannabis concentrate when considering usability and handling. Because of its hard glass-like nature, it isn’t easy to fit into the dab tools.

“Dabbing ” is a popular phenomenon; even if you have little knowledge about cannabis concentrates, you should know about this phenomenon. It is the most famous way of using marijuana concentrates. The Shatter is placed on a “nail” (a bowl-like object in a dab rig) and heated up to create smoke for inhalation. 

Use a sharp tool to gather all the tiny pieces of the Shatter to avoid wasting any pieces. When handling, you should be careful and avoid applying pressure; if not, you’d waste half of your dose. If you apply pressure, the pieces could fly across the table.

Things to be Wary of While Using Shatter

You can take your Shatter by vaping. You can also use a pipe or bong to smoke it. These methods are not the most favorable as maintaining a consistently high temperature throughout the heating process is not easy.

If these accessories are out of your reach, you can add a little to a regular joint and smoke it. You can also check out our page at mungus to buy all your accessories and buy cannabis and  Shatter online in Canada.

As we stated earlier, the Shatter is a cannabis concentrate with higher levels of THC than usual. If you don’t use it responsibly, you put yourself at risk of certain avoidable health issues. To avoid these health risks, you must use them responsibly when you want to buy shrooms online in Canada. Here are a few things to note when you want to use this drug:


As a regular cannabis user, you may want to mistake regular kush with Shatter, don’t do that; it’s dangerous. It’s common knowledge that you can never smoke too much kush; it’s safe, but with Shatter, it’s a little different. 

This compound is intensely concentrated. It has a high level of THC than regular users consume. So it is important to tread carefully when dealing with it to ensure you don’t fall on too much end of the spectrum. It’s simple to avoid taking Shatter of the same dose quantity as your regular cannabis. 

Taking it may not lead to death. There’s not been a case of death associated with THC overdose without any preexisting medical condition. However, even if death is not an immediate threat, having too much THC in your system could result in a very unpleasant experience. 

Some of the associated feelings include irregular heartbeat, heightened anxiety levels, and a feeling of disorientation. Nausea, paranoia, and vomiting could also be experienced. If you are already battling mental health issues like anxiety disorder, this experience will be more spelled out. As much as possible, avoid overconsumption at all costs. 

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Mother nature blessed us with cannabis, and it just needs little preparation before you can smoke. Shatter is an artificial cannabis byproduct, and you can not put the possibility of harboring impurities past it. 

When producers make Shatter, it is a basic process to flush out butane and every similar solvent. However, it is impossible to know if all the elements of the solvent have been flushed out. Knowing this can only be done in the lab. But not everyone has the luxury of lab resources. 

Some of these impurities can mess with your stomach leading you to the toilet more frequently. Accidentally ingesting solvent and other impurities are on a different level; it could be very dangerous. It is delicate for those using concentrate medically or have issues with their immune system

Getting the right product is important, and to be sure you’re getting the right products without impurities, but from trusted vendors like us at Mungus. We do our best to test our Shatter as much as possible to eliminate any trace of impurity. And at Mungus we only supply premium quality shatter and similar  Shatter online in Canada

How to Store Shatter

It is important to learn how to store Shatter before you buy them. One thing that is a no bargain is that you have purity in mind. Your container should be able to shield your Shatter from debris or any form of impurity. 

Also, it would help if you handled it with care so you don’t integrate the impurities yourself. For those using the Shatter medically, this is very important. Contaminating your Shatter with bacteria will do you more harm than good. 

Apart from using a befitting container, ensure you put on gloves or use parchment paper when handling your Shatter. Sticky surfaces should be avoided. It may lead to wastage as sticky residue remains after you must have picked your Shatter. 

Don’t fret when your Shatter turns to budder, and it is bound to happen at some point. But to slow the process storing your Shatter in a cold, dark room is advised. Using a freezer may not hurt.  

Is Shatter Edible?

You can eat shatter. However, there’s no standard experience attached. Factors like the method of consumption and decarboxylation influence the result. But for best results, we recommend you eat your Shatter with fat or oil; doing that will allow the Shatter to absorb well into the digestive system.

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Shatter is a member of the weed wax family. When it is in its hard glass-like state, it is referred to as weed wax. When the state is a bit soft with less viscosity, it is referred to as budder. If it is in a solid, crumble state, it is called crumble wax. When in a budder or crumble state, it has the least THC concentration than Shatter, but they are more friendly to work with. 

Weed oil, THC distillate, hash, and live resin are some of the other forms of cannabis concentrate. If you want a concentrate with a flavor close to the regular cannabis bud, you should go for live resin. You can get your live resin, and other weed concentrates at Mungus

If you are looking for the purest form of concentrate, then THC distillate is your best bet. Every compound, including the terpenes, is removed to give you a pure concentrate. 

If you don’t fancy smoking, then marijuana edibles are your best bet. Given that the THC is activated, no food is immune to its infusion. And it also offers a proper level of high. Even with your edibles, overconsumption can be a risk, so start with smaller doses and work your way up. 

There are also cannabis oils you can ingest, all you need is to place a couple of drops under your tongue, and you will reap the benefits of this product.

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